Trends: Denim on Denim!

Hello dear readers,

If you follow me ‘religiously’ your probably aware that I did a little ‘trend report’ for A/W 2013. For those of you that would like to take a look, here. Following up on Pre Fall Winter 2013 I’d like to discuss the much loved, much hated, Denim on Denim trend.
As you might know, I was born in the 80’s and was a pre-teen/teenager all through the 90’s. I must say I never owned a denim jacket. I had friends who had them, in all sorts of denim washes, with sparkles, rime-stones, embroidery, you name it. I’m honestly glad I never had one because I use to wear really baggy sweaters and tops with jeans and a denim jacket on top of that would have looked weird, to say the least. I did however owned a vest… a hideous denim vest with red daisies on it. Now picture this: White buttoned shirt with a giant collar embroided with (I have nightmares still) giant strawberries. On top of that I wore the denim vest, medium wash, with daisies on it that matched the ones on my jeans. Imagine being slender and wearing all of this in 3 our 4 sizes up, because, paraphrasing mom: ‘I needed to grown into my clothes’.

Now… Erase all that from your head, if you can! My teens were a little better, but just barely. I embraced the baggy sweaters, jeans and sneakers way too much. My hair was wavy and I insisted on combing it to look straight… it never did.
I listened to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, REM… the classics!

And now, it’s all coming back again… I have mixed feelings about this trend. It’s clearly not for me but I can admire it on other people.

Check out this link for inspiration:


Photo credits to: The Sartoralist




12 thoughts on “Trends: Denim on Denim!

  1. Yep, not ready for the return of the 90s either! I think a lighter denim shirt over a nice pair of jeans can look nice though… But that’s about it!
    Ming you, I was nearly tempted to buy a jeans jacket this summer, to wear with my long dresses…

  2. Finally denim on denim, I was waiting for ages…..hahaha ! My husband always tells me, Serach don`t put your denim jacket on your jeans they don`t go well together, but now I`m so trendy, how cool 🙂 !

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