Fall/Winter Trends 2017 2/2

Hello dear readers,

How have you all been this weekend? I’ve been “studying” next season’s trends for all of you and  this is part two (and final) of it. Hope you are enjoying this series on trends. Don’t miss my first post on the Fall/Winter trends for 2017.

Other than RED, blue is also a Fall/Winter colour for 2017. Not surprising since BLUE is a cold colour in the colour spectrum and is highly associated with Winter times. But this time Blue hues have a tint of vintage style with some 40’s inspiration according to the British Vogue article. We will also see Burnt Orange, again not a new colour but a good alternative to greys, blacks, browns and dark greens we usually see overdone during these colder months. Burnt Orange doesn’t fall typically as a Fall/Winter colour, and it could be flattering in most skin tones since it’s not as vibrant or as intense as just Orange. It also can give a flair of sophistication and singularity to an outfit.

Here are some of my BLUE favourites:


Burnt Orange: 

Source: http://www.fashionisers.com/trends/fall-2017-fashion-trends-new-york-fashion-week/

Side note: From the previous “Blue” images you can also notice that hats and assorted head wear items will be in next Fall/Winter. Good news for the boys and gals who feel chilly without them and were embarrassed to wear them. I used them all the time when I was living in the UK but here in Lisbon, it’s just isn’t cold enough… 😦 (Look at me complaining that it’s too hot in the winter in Lisbon hehe – first world problems right?).

Another trends for next season is “Dressing like your hibernating in the Ace Age”, Vogue simply calls it: Duvet Dressing and I’d say it’s quite appropriate. I remember this trend back in the 90’s with the oversized Winter fluffy coats but this takes it up a notch. I’m not a fan, but it should suit the skinny gals in need of some extra padding for winter times. Here are some pictures:

Feathers, Fringes and Waist belts will be all the range in the Fall/Winter of 2017 and we will see “The return of the waist”  type silhouettes that favour most women as mentioned in the British Vogue.

Here are some pics:

Lastly we will revisit SHOES. That fashion accessory that can make or break an outfit. This Fall/Winter trend was already present last season and in previous years but it’s a new take on the lace up shoe. We get a more aggressive and edgier Rock and Roll type of vibe not at all resembling the romantic pairs we had for Spring/Summer 2017. They aren’t calling it lace or anything soft, they are calling it CUFFS! Ankle Cuffs, shoes with Ankle Cuffs.

Here are some examples:

In addition to the above trends I still have to mention a few other ones that are still making a presence on the Runaway and in the fast fashion industry these days. Those are: “Statement Catch Phrases“, we are seeing these statements like ” Unity”, “Goddess” “We are all Humans”, “Chic”, “Love” etc., for a while now and we are seeing it more on the Runaway which wasn’t as common (see Versace shoe in the above image with the word Unity). This time on the Runaway it seems to assume a more activist approach on Fashion as we can see from the image below from the Fashionisers website.

Source: Fashionisers http://www.fashionisers.com/trends/fall-2017-fashion-trends-new-york-fashion-week/

I hope you enjoyed these two articles on Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2017. As collections become more available online and more information is disclosed I’ll probably update you with more trends but I think these two articles sum up the major trends for next season.

Let me know if you like it or if you have a favourite look! Will you be a RED or BLUE gal? perhaps Violet? A mix of them both? Why not right? Have fun with Fashion!



Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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