Earthnicity Giveaway!!!


Originally posted on June 1st! I’ll repost this until the Giveaway is over, so It’s on top of the page, and you can all participate and see it right away!!!

Hello dear readers,

As you might remember I did a review of the Earthnicity products I got a while back. You can check the review here and here. Now, the great people at Earthnicity want to sponsor a giveaway to my readers, you guys!!!! How fun is that?? Isn’t it great? I know you all were excited to hear about their products and now you get a chance to try them out yourselves.


Earthnicity is a mineral makeup line that consists of 100% pure minerals – no preservatives, fragrance, alcohols, oils and synthetic dyes – it is so pure in fact, that you can sleep with our makeup on without breaking out! All our products are skin-friendly while making you look your best. Their products are also vegan-friendly and are not tested on animals.
Their mission is to produce all-natural mineral makeup for all ethnicities in accordance with our motto: “Beauty For All The Colours of The World”.

This Giveaway consists of:

1 mineral foundation,
1 HD powder,
and 3 eyeshadow

And the best part is that it’s an International Giveaway. SO everybody can join in!!!!!

This Giveaway will be open for two weeks, ending on the 15th of June. I will email the winner and if I don’t get a response in 48 hours another winner will be selected. Earthnicity will be responsible for mailing the winner with the prize!!!!

CLICK HERE —> a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!!



39 thoughts on “Earthnicity Giveaway!!!

      1. Yes here it’s around 25 degrees and this afternoon we have some celebrations of the school of one of my daughters out-sight so we are lucky 🙂

  1. CGreat giveaway! Shame their model isn’t black or Asian… Even a brand with products for all skin tones is using a model you would see in any make up commercial…. It’s a bit of a sensitive subject for me because for years I could never find suitable make up

  2. Hi, I nominated you for ” The Super Sweet Blogging Award ” ! If you are interesting you can check out the rules at my blog, wish you a very Sweet Monday 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I’m really looking to use completely natural products to avoid some of those questionable chemicals, so thanks for showcasing this brand! Have a wonderful weekend, and God Bless!

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