Fashion Talk! Black & Gold

Hello readers,

For those of you who have been following my predicament.. I have been without glasses since last sunday. No I didn’t bring my contacts either and it takes 4 days to make new ones in a new Optician here. Thankfully my husband is coming this saturday and he’ll bring them. No he didn’t came on purpose. It’s my birthday next week 😛
I’m going crazy without my glasses.. I need them to read and work in the computer, any work that requires attention to detail really..Without them it seems as everything could use some auto focus! You know when your taking a picture, and then you put auto focus on, and it’s much more defined? That’s what it’s like for me. I could use some auto-focus in my life right now (sounded poetic). In the meanwhile here is a look for you gals and boyz cause I’ve been having some new male followers – Hello to you.
This is a classically beautiful gold and black statement outfit, for a glamorous evening.

Black & Gold




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