Fall/Winter Trends 2017 1/2

Hello dear readers,

I promised I’d make an effort to post regularly and I’m keeping my promise. How have you all been? I’ve realised that since I stopped posting for such a long time ( to have a baby :P) that some of you don’t read me anymore and haven’t been in touch since I’ve restarted my blog. That’s a little sad but that’s how it is. In a way I was away and I’m hoping I get new readers and that my “old” regulars will stop by eventually!

Is it getting a little chilly or is it just me? Last night I had to get up to get a blanket because it got a little colder. During the day it’s very sunny here in Portugal but that wind keeps blowing and it’s a colder wind. Well I guess It’s time for our FALL/WINTER TRENDS 2017 !!!! Are you excited like I am? Did you jump up and down while reading this? perhaps not hehe. I’ve put together the biggest trends for Fall/Winter 2017. This will be a two parts post so watch out for the second one. I hope you enjoy it.

The staple colour for next season is definitely RED, according to the website Who What Wear ” If there’s one hue that screams A/W 17 from a mile off, it’s red. Worn boldly via each and every piece of many catwalk looks, this is one colourful idea that actually feels approachable for mere mortals. In fact, it just so happens to the most flattering colour on all skin tones, so it’s a win-win.” You gotta LOVE RED! I know I do.

Another trend for Fall/Winter 2017 is Shiny Metallics. Not my personal favourite I must say but it does look good on the models. Lot’s of grey, white and black shiny fabrics with sequins, chains and crystal meshes. According to British Vogue “…designers are banking on the return of night-time escapades, and a revival of dressing up. Chainmail, crystal mesh and full-look sequins are ramping up the drama.”

Here is a selection for Shiny Metallics 2017:

Let’s hear it for SUITS! Suits are another major trend for Fall/Winter 2017. Which is good news for us working gals! We’ll be classic, elegant and on TREND this upcoming season!

1/2 (check out the second part of this article coming soon)

Don’t forget to check out for this article’s second part with the remaining TRENDS for FALL/WINTER 2017!




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