Essential guide for shoes! Pairs you should definitely have in your closet

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I know I promised to keep posting more often but life happens and you have to keep up with it as best as you can. I’ll try and do one post every week but I won’t promise anything ūüėõ

Have you ever thought about how many pairs of shoes are really “essential”? I mean, men, they have their life simplified in that matter as opposed to us women with so, so many different styles and such a range of offer. I’m thinking now..if that is really a problem for us? Perhaps not. I guess it can be a problem for the wallets of the trendy and fashionable people who like to give it a try¬†at all the styles possible.

I’ve put together a list and some suggestions for the essential guide for shoes. Keeping in mind that the first colours of shoes to buy are black, dark blue, camel and brown, all the other colours are non-essential even thought they can be truly amazing. Let’s say this post is for the frugal shoe buyer or for someone who is starting their first shoe collection.


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Sneakers – Ideally you should have two pairs of sneakers. One for your everyday outfits, preferably in a neutral colour such as grey, black or white. And the other pair could be for working out, going on hikes or when you have to walk a lot to discover a far away city you’ve never visited, these should be as comfortable as possible and if you use them for running make sure you’re using the correct shoe for the amount of effort you put in your workouts.

Short of Medium heel Shoe РThey are always elegant to wear, either in a more formal occasion or in the work environment. They are more comfortable then the high heeled shoes and allow you to be on your feet for a long time looking classy and elegant. You should invest in a couple of these.

Oxford shoes or Loafers РThese shoes are a classic and they are comfortable to wear mid-season to winter and can match every outfit you have.  These could be an interesting alternative to the flat shoe or ballerinas that usually show more feet.

Boots or Ankle Boots – An essential for Mid-season and Winter, you can wear different styles and always look elegant. They are more resistant then the classic shoe and will protect your feet against the rain and cold.

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Flat shoe or Ballerinas – You can wear these shoes in mid-season or summer time. They are comfortable and exist in many beautiful different styles and colours.

High heel shoe – I’m recommending you have one pair, even thought I can’t wear them at all. There are women who can and wear them proudly. They are very elegant and ideal for formal occasions all year long.

Sandals – They are the must-have for summer time. The open toes allow for exciting styles and refresh your feet from the sock oppression!

Trendy shoe –¬†Invest in a pair of shoes that is trending right now and try on a bold colour just for fun!

Did you enjoy my suggestions? Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know if you think I missed a style of shoes that is absolutely essential for a gal to have in her closet!

In the meanwhile have fun browsing my blog!



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