I’m back!

Hello dear readers, I’m so so sorry for this long hiatus! No posts for nearly two years and I still have followers and new people following me. I’m so happy for that, that you’ve stick with me during this time. I must say I’ve been away for a very good reason! I’m a mommy now! … More I’m back!

Hi there again!

Hello dear readers, It has been a long hiatus from the blog as I’m finishing writing up my PhD. I am glad to announce it won’t be long now and when I’m done I’ll have some free time to blog and travel. This summer has been all work and no fun. I haven’t even been … More Hi there again!

New Update!

Hello dear readers, I don’t know if you have noticed but I haven’t posted anything since the Oscars… SORRY !! I know you all know I’m very busy with my PhD, among other things for work. I noticed I kept getting followers and people were also commenting on older posts and that makes me *happy*. … More New Update!