I’m back!

Hello dear readers, I’m so so sorry for this long hiatus! No posts for nearly two years and I still have followers and new people following me. I’m so happy for that, that you’ve stick with me during this time. I must say I’ve been away for a very good reason! I’m a mommy now! … More I’m back!

Hi there again!

Hello dear readers, It has been a long hiatus from the blog as I’m finishing writing up my PhD. I am glad to announce it won’t be long now and when I’m done I’ll have some free time to blog and travel. This summer has been all work and no fun. I haven’t even been … More Hi there again!

New Update!

Hello dear readers, I don’t know if you have noticed but I haven’t posted anything since the Oscars… SORRY !! I know you all know I’m very busy with my PhD, among other things for work. I noticed I kept getting followers and people were also commenting on older posts and that makes me *happy*. … More New Update!

What I wore today!

Hello dearest(s)! How have you all been? My week started amazingly. The weather is perfect and today it’s even sunnier. We had 17ºC yesterday and this morning when I was going to the gym in was already 14ºC at 8am. I hope it does stay like this foreverrrrrr! Today I managed to finally wear one … More What I wore today!

Lifestyle! Easter

Hello dear readers, This Easter was spent at home, with the traditional Easter meals at my parents. My mom is one of those people who cooks too much food all the time and is always telling you how skinny you look and that you should have more food. She has been like that since I … More Lifestyle! Easter