Tate Sensorium: Smell, taste and hear paintings!

Hello dear readers,

I’ve spotted this article about the Tate Sensorium by Sarah Housley and I had to share it with you all.

“Tate Britain’s new exhibition, Tate Sensorium, gives visitors the chance to smell, taste, touch and hear four of its paintings. What does it actually feel like to experience art like this? In one word: interesting. In four words: you should try it”.

Too bad this was showing two years ago 😦 I hope they tour museums around the world or have it again over there.

Here is an excerpt from Tate’s website:

“Artworks from the Tate collection

Tate Sensorium features four twentieth century British paintings from Tate’s collection of art. Flying Object and their team of collaborators have selected artworks which can be appreciated sensually in terms of their subject matter, use of shape, form, colour, style and your own imagination”.

“The dark nature of Francis Bacon’s Figure in a Landscape is drawn out by Paul A. Young in the taste of edible charcoal, sea salt, cacao nibs and smokey lapsang souchong tea. Recordings using directional audio by hypersound contrast a busy ship’s hold with jagged sounds to heighten your experience of David Bomberg’s In The Hold. The use of spray paint and the duality of John Latham’s Full Stop is explored through audio combined with an ultrahapticss device using ultrasound to create touch sensations on the hand with air. Meanwhile the central character of Richard Hamilton’Interior II is captured through scents by International Flavors and Fragrances of vintage hair-spray and the sounds of a home.”

I’d certainly like to give it a try! Wouldn’t you?



Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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