Lifestyle! Easter

Hello dear readers,

This Easter was spent at home, with the traditional Easter meals at my parents. My mom is one of those people who cooks too much food all the time and is always telling you how skinny you look and that you should have more food. She has been like that since I can remember, that was one of the reasons my birthday parties were so successful and talked about for ages afterwards. Well, Easter is no different and we had loads of food, sweets and desserts and all you can imagine. So i decided to to a post on it since my friend told me it would be great!

CAM00380 1
On the day before we had the octopus rice with the octopus, this could be a little weird for some of the people who don’t actually include octopus in their meals but I guarantee its delicious.

CAM00381 1

CAM00398 1
Assorted chocolate almonds 🙂 yummy!

CAM00399 1

CAM00401 1

CAM00404 1
Lamb and all the assorted appetizers

CAM00409 1

CAM00407 1

CAM00406 1

CAM00408 1

CAM00412 1

CAM00416 1
And finally all the desserts.. including a pear in wine, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, folar ( traditional easter cake) etc!!!!

Hope you had a Happy Easter!



10 thoughts on “Lifestyle! Easter

    1. Sure darling! It’s not exactly a before Easter dish, the octopus. In the north people have it on christmas eve as well 🙂 Sure come whenever 🙂 hugs**

  1. Hi, I think you already know but for sure I wanna say that I nominated you for ” the Hug Award ” and for details you can look at my blog, have a lovely Evening ! Xoxo

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