Celebrity Style! Party Hair Acessories

Hello dear readers,

I’m on my way to travel again! I just wanted to leave you with a little something to entertain you ( lol) while I’m ‘flying’. I just know that it will take me a couple of days to settle back in my routine and back to work and I won’t have time to write posts. Riona has been helping me out with the blog, writing for the ‘today I wore this’ feature and the ‘reviews’. She’s been a darling and I hope you all like her too. I wanted her to do a StreetStyle Romania as well but she hasn’t had much free time lately. I think that is a common problem these days ‘ lack of time’, I suffer from it too. Well I’ve selected a couple of very cute and beautiful hair accessories for you to wear at a ‘party’ for example or just at a nice event, or a dinner with the girls or boyfriend!

Hope you all like it! Which one is more you?? Which is your favorite?
I love them all..but I heart the Emily Blunt’s headband/tiara (it’s similar to the one I wore at my wedding), and of course Emma Stone’s hair pin which is lovely.



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