No Glasses week!

Hello readers,

As you might know from previous posts and all – I wear glasses, as almost any designer I know does (could it be a professional hazard? lol). I have been in Lisbon for a couple of days and I headed back to UK this sunday only to realize at the airport that I have packed my glasses box with no glasses inside. This problem will be fixed this saturday but until then I’m not allowed and was forbiden by my Optician to come near any computer screen for more then half an hour.

So I have some draft posts on my sleeve but I will only be able to publish them after I get my glasses back!!

Yes it was a foolish mistake… I had never forgot anything i needed in all my travelling and now I missed the one thing i really need for work.

Well, that’s life.. 😛




12 thoughts on “No Glasses week!

      1. Yes but they r also in Portugal. And I went to the Optician here and it takes 4 days to make new lenses. My husband is coming this saturday so I just have to suck it up 🙂

      2. I see……… well, it is very disturbing not being able to see clear (i knoe, i wear glasses too…) but it’s only a few days…
        P.S. I got your email! I am waiting for my friend to send me the wedding photos so i can mail you some! 🙂

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