Fashion Talk! Earth Tones

Hello dear readers,

It’s been a busy week and it seemed even busier without my glasses.. I kept having the instinct of looking for them every time I come close to my computer..which is ‘all the time’. Since me and my mac are tied by the hip like twins!!! My ‘oldest’ followers know that I’m a PhD Design Management Student in the UK, but I’m also a Graphic Designer and when I have free time ( which is never) I also Illustrate, mainly children’s illustrations trading cards ( ATC) and when I have more free time ( which happened last october – not a joke) I like to do some mixed media ( that means different mediums, including digital). As you might know i don’t like to disclose personal information about myself as I’ve kept this blog anonymous but it seems I find myself wanting to share a little bit as I’ve come to know you all more from following your blogs and twitter feeds and instagram pictures. I understand that the ‘online persona’ is just a reflection of one’s identity or a projection and it’s not by far the only dimension you have. Right now we are living in an Era that’s all about personal branding and that’s empowering the consumers a lot as they keep expecting more and more out of brands, and transparency is just one those things, another one is disclosure. This change in paradigm has made things shift perspective. It’s not about a brand providing you with a service or product and trying to get you to buy their products using traditional marketing. Now it’s more about: what does it say about me if I buy that brand, product or service? How will that empower me as an individual? Does this brand outsource their production to countries that are under developed? Do they have a sustainable chain of distribution? Does this brand respect the Kyoto Protocol regarding their emissions? I could go on.. the questions are endless..
I seem to have lost myself in this post and started tuning in my PhD and the content of Naomi’s Klein – No Logo book that I’ve read long long back. It’s worth a read if you gals and boys are interested in these matters.


here is a nice Earth Tone’s outfit for going hiking or for a nice walk in the country side!!!

Earth Tones




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