Spring Summer 2014 – Hats

Hello dear readers,

Here in Portugal we are having summer weather for the last week. 28ºC degrees of sunny and cloudless skies. My Italian friend is in Lisbon for some days and on Monday I went to show her around. We took two of her friend’s who are studying here, to get to know the city a little better. It was a lot of walking but we had an amazing time. An all time Lisboa experience. Check out some photos on my Instagram account.
This post will be about the new trends for Spring Summer hats. I love hats but I sometimes feel like I’m wearing too much if I put on a hat. This doesn’t happen for example during winter time. In Portugal, even though it is very hot, people don’t normally wear fashion hats ( I believe only older people do). Styles for this Spring Summer are: straw hats, fedoras and caps.



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