Fashion Crush! Melissa jelly shoes!

Hello dear readers,

I first became aware of the Melissa brand through my Brazilian friend. She had on a very cute pair of flats that I admired. She told me they were jelly shoes from a brand called Melissa and said they were very very comfortable. I really like their shoe designs. I specially love the flats they have available because in the Spring/Summer time I prefer to wear ballerinas with the hot weather, either that, or some sort of flat sandal.

If you are anything like me, your feet are so sensitive that you don’t have a summer shoe in your closet that you can actually walk in for more then a couple of hours, and I’m just talking about non-heel shoes. Yes, they do hurt my feet as well. I have no idea why. My husband thinks that I pick uncomfortable shoes because they are ‘cute and pretty’, but the thing is, you have no idea how comfortable they are until you walked in them for some hours in the Portuguese sidewalk ( the true shoe test). And come on, they are flats!!!! They should be comfortable right?

So, yesterday, I was in Lisbon all day, as a ‘tour guide’ for my Italian friend and her two friends. We spent the day walking up and down the seven hills of Lisbon. It was great fun but, of course, my feet were sore and blistery.

We got into a store to have a look at some bag, and I had already seen some pairs of Melissa’s before, as I like the design a lot but I wasn’t too convinced they were comfortable and easy to wear. The girl at the store told me that it depends on the person. Some people love them and think they are super comfortable and some can’t stand them on their feet. I hope, for my sake I fit in the first category. I’ll let you know once my feet heal and I can wear them.

In the meanwhile, some Melissa shoes images:

Do you like Jelly shoes? Did you know about this brand? Have you ever tried these type of material shoe? Any opinions on them? I’m just waiting for my feet to heal so I can try them on 🙂

Melissa Shoes

P.S This is not a sponsored post. All shoe images imported through Polyvore from the Melissa website. I couldn’t find my Melissa ballerinas in there 😦




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