Fashion Talk! What I wore today!

26 Jul

Hello dear readers,

I haven’t done the “What I wore today” for a while so I decided to do it today! As I’m going out to see my parents at their Lagoon house!I’m sure there will be loads of good food and we will take a nice walk along the beach and lagoon, yes there is both :)
The only things I couldn’t find were the accessories, the bag is similar but not from a designer house and the accessories are also alike but from parfois! Enjoy!!!

What I wore today

Lifestyle! Top 10 beaches in Brazil

24 Jul

Hello dear readers,

I’ve wrote this post for the company I work for. The brand is called WAM and is an augmented reality app to search for things around you, such as cafes, shops and banks etc.
We have a blog which I write in and I’m in charge of design and social media. Here is a post you might enjoy about the Top 10 beaches in Brazil!

Brazil’s excellent weather and amazing coastline (more than 8.000 kms/4.650 miles of it) makes up for the most beautiful beaches in the world. You have a great selection to choose from but we narrowed it down to the top 10 for you!

1. Alter do Chão, Pará – Feels like a Caribbean beach and is located in a river on the Amazons! It is the perfect place to relax and try the traditional grilled fish.

Top 10 beaches post-01

2. Búzios – Is a beautiful beach town only a couple of hours away from Rio de Janeiro. It became famous in the 60’s when Brigitte Bardot feel in love with it ( as you can see from her statue).
Top 10 beaches post-05

3. Porto de Galinhas – Is a very famous beach and a very touristic destination. This beach is situated in a small fisherman’s village and is warm all year round. It translates to ‘Chicken Port’ and the name originates from the slavery time where it was forbidden to mention slavery so the word was changed to “chickens”.

Top 10 beaches post-09

4. Morro de São Paulo – Is situated in the island of Tinharé and very close to Salvador da Bahia. It’s a very tranquil beach, perfect for a getaway.
Top 10 beaches post-10

5. Ipanema Beach – Ipanema and Copacabana are probably the most iconic beach names around the world. It is the classic choice. It has a beautiful sight, filled with kiosks where you can have coconut water – “água de coco”. It is often crowded but if you want a more secluded area try Arpoador Beach that is hidden by the cliffs (further down).
Top 10 beaches post-08

6. Copacabana Beach – Another crowded beach but a must-see for sure. The mosaic-covered sidewalk ( calçada in portuguese) is perfect for those end of the day strolls. The sand is bright and the waves are always blue.
Top 10 beaches post-06

7. Praia da Pipa – If you are staying near Recife this is a “must-to” beach to visit. It is a stop for global travelers in the Northeast Brazil and was discovered by backpackers in the 70’s.
Top 10 beaches post-07

8. Praia do Forte – Located near Salvador on the Coconut tree Coast is perfect to watch the sunrise. If you enjoy discovering the wild life around you can see humpback whales when you take a boat ride.
Top 10 beaches post-04

9. Praia do Sancho – In the Pernambuco State this beach is isolated and surrounded by beautiful high cliffs. The sand is white and the sea is of a stunning emerald green. Between the months of February and June you can see two beautiful waterfalls that drop on top of the cliffs.
Top 10 beaches post-02

10. Porto da Barra – Is the Venice beach of the Bahia state. It’s surrounded by small fishing boats, you can play volley and sightseeing in the Fisherman’s Colony Manguinhos – the traditional fish market.
Top 10 beaches post-03

Have you been to Brazil??


Fashion Talk! Iridescence Fashion

9 Jul

Hello dear readers,

This new trend of Iridescence holographic fashion is not new. It comes and goes in fashion and it started to appear last Spring. Remember? It is a bit hit on the Chanel’s Spring 2014 Haute Couture show. You can incorporate it in your Summer style by wearing a skirt, bag or even shades.

Some examples on the runaway:





Blumarine at Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2012 Collections


Source: Google images (I do not own this images).

Here are some fashion accessories and looks you can try!




Review! Maybelline Baby Lips!

9 Jul

Hello dear readers,

I wanted something fun and girly for my lips as Summer is here and my lips have been dry for a while! I usually use Vaseline but it’s almost over and I wanted something with a nice fragrance. I went to for Baby lips in Pink Punch! Baby Lips have 6 shades: Hydrate, Intense Care, Mint Fresh, Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. The last three have a light color and scent!

Pink Punch is a tinted lip balm and has a lovely scent! It also has a SPF 20 which is suited for the summer! The smell is similar to the Labello pink one but nicer! It reminds me of candy or the scented gummy strawberries I had as a kid.

The packaging is very girly and fun and I love it! My cat was very attracted to it and tried to steal it from me to play with :P

I liked it and it hydrated my lips until the next day and they were smooth and silky! I would recommend this to keep in your purse for the summer time.

IMG_3717 copy

IMG_3719 copy

Lifestyle! Lisbon most beautiful shops! PART 2

8 Jul

Hello dear readers,

I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback on the first part of this series about Lisbon’s most beautiful shops! I’m very glad you liked it. This is the second part of the article. These are the top 10 most beautiful shops in Lisbon, of course there are other ones who are as well and maybe I’ll do another post about them!

6) Confetaria Nacional – National Confectionery shop – Pick up an appetizing box of biscuits or pastries at this confectionery shop to admire its mirrored ceiling, marble counter, and wooden staircase, all dating from 1829.





7) Chapelaria Azevedo Rua – Hat Shop Azevedo Rua – It opened its doors in 1886 and still preserves its original wooden cabinets where it displays the hats and berets. It’s a beautiful Victorian store from the Belle Epoque.




8) Farmácia Andrade – Andrade Pharmacy -It opened in 1837 and is one of the best preserved shops of that time. It was renovated in 2005 and maintained its ceiling, dark wood cabinets and bronze lamp. The back was used as a laboratory and now it’s part of the shop.




9) Conserveira de Lisboa – Canned Fish Store of Lisbon – The best tuna, sardine or squid cans you can buy, in a large variety of sauces served in this charming shop.It has an old fashioned interior with colorful vintage designed packages. It has a museum feel to it.




10) A Carioca – This store opened in 1936 and its still very popular because it sells Brazilian coffee by the kilo. Its still very charming today thanks to it’s Art Deco façade and overall style. They still feature the old grinding machine and it’s like a time machine inside.




Enjoy Lisbon,



Lifestyle! Lisbon most beautiful shops! PART 1

2 Jul

Hello dear readers,

How are you all feeling? It’s mid-week so I’m bringing you a lifestyle feature! I saw an article about the 10 most beautiful shops in Lisbon and decided to do a post on it!! Enjoy part 1 of this article!

1) Tous – Jewelry store! This is one of Chiado’s oldest shops (inauguranted in 1909) and with one of Lisbon’s most beautiful interiors.
The Louis XV-style space closed in early 2012 as the historic store “Ourivesaria Aliança,” to reopen at the end of the year as a Tous jewelry flagship. There are collections for men, women, kids and baby, displayed like they’re meant for royalty.



2) Casa das Velas do Loreto – Candle house of Loreto – This wood-covered shop is decorated with the candles of various shapes, sizes, and colors that it sells since 1789.



3) A Vida Portuguesa- Portuguese Life – Organizing Portugal’s traditional products (some of which had been long-forgotten) under one roof since 2004, this shop presents a series of wooden cabinets filled with attractive retro packaging that create an atmospheric world of nostalgia.



4) Luvaria Ulisses – Glove shop Ulisses – Quite possibly the world’s smallest shop, Luvaria Ulisses is an Art Deco gem. The specialty is hand-made leather gloves which it displays on the attractive façade.




4) A Arte da Terra – The Art of the Land – It’s easy to mistake this for an ethnographic museum, but it’s a 12th-century stable that now carefully presents the arts and crafts from around Portugal. The country’s cultural heritage is displayed on the former stone mangers under graceful brick-and-stone arches, with individually-lit pieces standing on an uneven stone surface.




5) Confetaria Nacional – National Confectionery shop – Pick up an appetizing box of biscuits or pastries at this confectionery shop to admire its mirrored ceiling, marble counter, and wooden staircase, all dating from 1829.







Fashion Talk! Maxi-dresses!

1 Jul

Hello dear readers,

Today we are going to talk about a very summery trend! The maxi-dress! Another comeback for a beloved trend! I remember wearing them a lot in the 90′s and using them a lot during the summer time. I had several, with hippie prints. I remember I got mine in a fair and I loved them! Today’s maxi-dresses are more trendy and allow for more expression.

Here a board with some suggestions for inspiration!


Which one is your favorite?
Are you going to wear maxi-dresses during the summer? :)









Image source: google images

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