Fashion Talk! Fashion and History

13 Dec

Hello dear readers,

I found this fascinating photography project by Nina Röder’s called Mutters Schuhe (Mother’s Shoes). In this project she depicts herself, mother and grandmother wearing the same outfit, in the same pose, in the same setting.

“All three sets are ‘based on pivotal moments or memories from Röder’s mother’s life’. For instance, the clothes that they are wearing belonged to her mum and ‘reference moments like Röder’s mother’s prom night and her life as a hairdresser”.

“The reason behind Röder’s series is really touching, too. She explains that it was a way to get to know her mother better and a way to learn indirectly more about herself. ‘I wanted to see her not only as my mother – but as a woman who had a life before me. A life full of hopes, first loves, dreams and ideas”.

Very beautiful indeed,


NinaRder1 NinaRder2 NinaRder3 NinaRder5 NinaRder6 NinaRder7 NinaRder8 NinaRder9









Fashion Talk! Art of Layering! Fall to Winter 2014

11 Dec

Hello dear readers,

I get absolutely fascinated by women who can layer their clothes really well and can go from Fall to Winter in a breeze just by adding top coats of beautiful fabrics and outerwear.

I have never been able to fully dominate that art of layering. I’m more of a wool dresses, tights, coat and cute boots. Or cosy sweater, pants, cute boots and coat. I wear blazers in the fall with both dresses and blouses but during winter time I just can’t seem to layer well. It gets progressively hard if you leave the house really early and come back in the evening. If you commute a lot like me and walk everywhere. I also lecture and I’m not one of those teacher’s who sits around at the desk. I like to move around and engage with students, kinda like in the Dead Poet’s society ( not that I am comparing myself to that awesome teacher and asking students to rip off pages and stand at their desks – no no, just more engaging and communicative). So I am either at my desk planning lessons/grading etc or  I am up all day, walking around or lecturing.

First’s things first I need to be comfortable and it needs to last me through morning until evening. Oh i forgot to mention that I carry a backpack everywhere with my mac and my lesson plan ( that adds extra weight) and I walk fast lol.

So you are getting the picture right?

Here are some examples of good layering:


grid_ED_CH_v.55_TRAVEL_LemaireCoat grid_ED_CH_v.55_TRAVEL_WrapedScarf large_ED_CH_v.55_TRAVEL_ProenzaCoat medium_ED_CH_v.55_TRAVEL_WhoolBlanket






P.S. This is not a sponsored post!

Hairstyles! Best Hair trends for Fall/Winter 2014/15

9 Dec

Hello dear readers,

Whether you are feeling uninspired because the holidays are coming and you might feel the need to eat all the chocolate in the house ( just because it’s xmas and everybody knows it doesn’t count) then procede to just fit into Santa’s pants after New Year and start some sort of cleanse and promise to be good that year. OH well, just Enjoy!

Why not try to lift your spirits with a different hair style or hair colour? It’s therapeutical, I red about it in some magazine, it wasn’t cosmo okay? I think it was some journal ( if you say journal everyone will be like – oh yes, she is wise in the ways of science).

This Fall/Winter we will see three statement trends:

The Lob – A twist or evolution of the classic Bob, or long Bob. Straight hair, slightly below the shoulders in an elegant and sophisticated way.

The statement fringe – Again, whether its a big fringe or a Brigitte Bardot or Audrey Hepburn one. The fringe is kind of a commitment because if you want to keep it that size you need to maintain it every other month.

Baby Lights – If you are tired of highlights and Ombré hair, this could be the way to go. They are very very thin highlights and suited for those of you who just want to bring out some light and movement to the hair in just one tone. They are about illuminating the look and are hardly noticeable.


Lifestyle! Christmas routines!

8 Dec

Hello dear readers,

For me it is official, Christmas has begun in my “house” as of yesterday! We have decorated a Christmas tree and on the official day! Mental high five husband and cat !

I believe this only happened when I was living with my parents. I’m usually a bit busy during weekends (for the last couple of years) in december lol !

Now, when I say we decorated a tree and you red and remembered (if you read me regularly, btw you totally should) that I have a cat who is 9 months old, this is a recipe for “disaster”.

Well we also tried to assemble a puzzle in the living room and Luna was so intrigued by all the pieces and how fun it is to dive into them and play. Well, we can’t blame her, I wish I could do that myself as a child, so we stopped with the puzzle and put it away for a while.

Listening to christmas tunes and loving it, we started to decorate the tree with the knowledge that it might not work. And of course, it didn’t, because the big long fluffy decorations are so much fun, and I need to climb the tree all the way up and bite on the “fake pine” (it’s a plastic tree). So I tried putting the red shiny textured balls on the tree, and I thought: maybe if I put them up here she won’t see them. Oh she saw them…. : and I had to take them off. But it’s okay!! I didn’t mind at all, she is the sweetest cat ever and this is our first christmas with a pet. So I decorated the tv cabinet with my xmas knick·knack’s.

This is a picture of our Christmas tree and how it looks like now:


We are going to call it: We have a cat “tree”!!!

This is how it looked last year (BC – Before cat):


The first sunday of the december month is when we put out the christmas tree and start to decorate the house, although around the city lots of stores have decorations up since before my birthday. For those of you who remember it, it is on the 27th of November. I have seen decorations up since late october lol. Whatever floats your boat I guess. But this month it really feels like Christmas to me because of the type of weather, dry, a bit sunny, cold but with the window humidity in the morning you know? That is christmas weather for who lives in Lisbon. Because we don’t have snow here. Temperatures drop until like 6/8 ºC at night but during the day they stay around 14/16 ºC.

Happy holidays everyone,

Here are some of the kick-kack’s I have around the house,

20141208_092542 copy 20141208_092554 copy 20141208_092605 copy




100 years of Beauty in 1 minute! VIDEO

6 Dec

Hello dear readers,

This video has been popping up on my FB wall for some days now and I thought I’d share it with you all, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

It’s a time lapse of woman’s makeup and hairstyle wore by a beautiful model and excellent team of make up and hair stylists, it covers 100 years of beauty and it features the most identifiable style in each period of time,

worth the watch,



I hope I’m back for good this time!

6 Dec

Hello dear readers,

Again, sorry for the long hiatus. I thought that I would have been in the “mood” to post between today and the last time I posted which was back in October. Ouch…long time with no blogging. I’d like to thank all my followers that still come and “hang with me” and like my posts, because followers count kept increasing and not decreasing which is amazing!!! Thank you for that and that is specially touching since I haven’t been blogging as often as before. I remember the days when I could post 2 times a week…

I have been busy, that’s the excuse of course. Part time lecturing at the University, teaching and preparing three different undergraduate courses to Graphic Design students, correcting papers and assignments, while doing design management work for an online app company and on top of that my PhD which is almost almost submitted. Fingers crossed XX.

Christmas break is almost here and I so need it to take my mind of lecturing and evaluations and assignments and corrections. I will be traveling before Xmas to visit my family in Belgium and I just can’t wait to take pictures of the Brussels christmas markets and share them with you all,

In the meanwhile here are some Xmas decorations to keep you in the spirit of the holidays,

Happy christmas everyone,

For those of you who don’t celebrate xmas I’d like to wish you a happy season still, and that the new year will bring you joy, health and prosperity,


Sara G.
aka nonfashionista

Today I wore this! Black & Red

12 Oct

Hello dear readers,

Autumn weather has quickly arrived in Lisbon and it’s been a rainy october! A bit unlikely for this time of year as it is still around 23ºC. Which means, dresses with blazers and my hunters lol! I decided to post an outfit I had on the other day. It wasn’t raining that day, otherwise I would have taken my black boots or my blue and red hunters!

What I wore today

Let me all know what you think!






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