Fashion Trends! Spring/Summer 2014

19 Apr

Hello dear readers,

I hope you are having an amazing Easter ( for those of you who celebrate it – if you don’t, I hope you had an amazing weekend). I’ve scheduled this post so you’ll have something to read while waiting for ‘the oven’ to be free again… if you cook a lot on Easter ( and only have 1 small oven), you’ll know what I mean.

Having said that, I created a mini-trend report for Spring/Summer 2014. I know, its overdue, and last year’s I did them a lot earlier but then I wasn’t finishing up my second reviewed PhD thesis draft was I ? :P

Here goes:

Somewhat ugly shoes

90′s Shoes revivals like ‘The Mule’, remember those? I sure didn’t miss them that much. Now they are higher ( think cross over between the mule and the platform shoe) and with a lot of glitz and embedded jewelry. Marie Claire writes “Stacked slip-on skate shoes will elongate legs, as will chunky tracker-soled sandals (which cleverly disguise the fact you’re in a heel and have made an effort). You may even be able to run for the odd bus this year.”


Shiny Fabrics and Gradient “Degradé” shirts/tops/dresses

I’m not a big fan of the very bright and shiny jackets and coats we sometimes see in the runaway, like the one I posted here. I like to see them in other people if they style it well…but it is really not my style.
I actually remember using some “degradé” sweaters, coats and t-shirts when I was in high-school. It’s coming back again from the 90′s.


Think ‘Clueless’ – the movie

Remember what Cher and her friends used to wear to school? Oh well, that is fashionable again. Small fitted skirts, cop tops, fluid materials, pastel colors and soft fitted fabrics.


Grunge is definitely back “again”

Okay, so I’m being a bit cynical about these trends but I have an explanation. I already passed through them in the 90′s. So, I know.. what is going to “stick” and really I see old pictures and I tell myself: Why Sara? Why?
Having said that, you can wear your graffiti, spray painted jeans again and get your old backpack from storage. You know, the one that had all your friend’s signatures in permanent eraser ink? ( yes we did that back in the 90′s, we also used “Monte Campo” which you probably don’t know about if you didn’t live in Portugal.

Photo credits to:

Grown Up – Head to toe one color

Okay, so if you are a bit more ‘classical’ in style you are going to appreciate this look. It tends to be timeless and it can be flattering in most shapes.


Sheer Fabrics

SO they brought back the ‘crop’ top. In highschool I wasn’t allowed to wear them to school. But i wore them a little outside of school, of course school was your ‘social life’. Back in the days I was a size 34 ( I knew this because I actually tried one of my friends 34 jeans and they fitted so perfectly but I never had jeans my size growing up) and had a very flat stomach and tiny waist ( I now look back and think – Why was I covering myself with baggy sweaters and over-sized jeans?) Not to say I’m big now lol I usually wear a size 8 or 10 but I wished I could tell my pre-teen and teen self _ it’s okay to be you and that : You are beautiful, no matter what others might have told you.
Catharsis done.. CHECK! Sheer and see through fabrics are back… think flowy and translucent.


And we end this post with a positive note. Remember that not all trends suit everybody and that you should always go with your instincts on this. What is “fashionable” right now doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear it if it makes you look like ” not yourself”. And also: YOU ARE NOT AS FAT AS YOU THINK! Makes you feel good to read right? Now, just believe it :).



Photo credits to Marie Claire magazine or otherwise stated – All rights reserved to them. Quote by Nellie Eden – Marie Claire Features.

Happy Easter

17 Apr

Hello dear readers,

Happy Easter from Nonfashionista!!! I hope you have an amazing holiday and that you can enjoy time with family and friends, surrounded by lovely food.

Have a Fashionable holiday!!!

Happy easter

Slingback shoes
€140 -

MARC BY MARC JACOBS tech accessory
€24 -



Cooking! Easter cupcakes and sweets!

16 Apr

Hello dear readers,

Are you getting ready for Easter? Stocking up on chocolate eggs? Getting your recipes ready to cook for this Sunday? I spend Easter at my parents house and we usually have family over. My mum cooks a lot of yummy food ( too much food really – we are very much ‘Mediterranean’ in that sense). I’m going to her house on Saturday to give her a hand with the preparations. From what she told me she is making six desserts and thinks that “is not too much for 6 people”. Oh well, I just know I’m going to have to have to take “leftovers” home with me :P.
She has also been making some cupcakes to offer people that she visited this week. They look very nice so I’m going to share the pictures with you. Let me know if you guys want the recipes, I can ask my mum – No I have not tried them yet.




Bon apetit,



Lifestyle! Ericeira village, Portugal

15 Apr

Hello dear readers,

I took these pictures of Ericeira, the city where my uncle lives in. It’s a very lovely town near Lisbon and close on the coast. Ericeira, perched on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic, is a growing fishing village with a charming ambiance. Its pretty narrow streets with whitewashed chapels and white houses edged in blue are a joy to wander around before heading to the sandy beaches, or to a superb seafood dinner at one of the many popular restaurants. Its surfing waves are world-famous – the beach of Ribeira das Ilhas is considered one of the best surfing spots in Europe and is the site of World Surfing Championships.

More fine beaches are found about 20km (12 miles) northeast by the city of Torres Vedras. The beach of Santa Cruz is especially picturesque and Porto Novo has a broad sandy beach and golf course.

Enjoy the pictures!


Windmill in Ericeira

Door Detail

Beach Ericeira


Fishing Boats Ericeira

Boris the Dog

Streets of Ericeira
Cultural Center
Ericeira by Night


New Update!

14 Apr

Hello dear readers,

I don’t know if you have noticed but I haven’t posted anything since the Oscars… SORRY !!

I know you all know I’m very busy with my PhD, among other things for work. I noticed I kept getting followers and people were also commenting on older posts and that makes me *happy*. Honestly I haven’t been in a blogging mood for quite some time now. Today I finally had time and “state of mind”. I’m hoping I can keep this up and post more regularly.

Fashion Talk! Oscar Best Dressed!!!!

3 Mar

Hello dear readers,

Yesterday was Oscar night! For my amazing readers in the USA it was Oscar evening. Here it started at around 1h20 am !!! Crazy right?? I was very committed to watch everything this year! I never seem to make it! Then someone scheduled a meeting for the next morning at around 9h30 am.. since it was a very important one ( for my PhD) I eventually went to bed at 3h20.. After I saw the best supporting actress award. I wished I’d stay up.. really.. Ellen Degeneres totally ruled as Oscar host. Ordering the pizzas and taking all the selfies with all the stars! So amazing! I love her.
What are your thoughts on the Oscar’s?
For me, the best moment’s were with Pharrel Williams, when he sang ‘Happy’ one of my favorite songs. He danced with Meryl Streep and the Oscar winner Lupita!!! SO great!!!!
Also the hilarious bids with Ellen and selfies and tweets!!!!! SO lovely! And the pizza! OMG! I loved the performance of P!nk reminiscing of the Wizard of Oz. The ‘in memorium’ bit was very moving as well. I loved Idina Menzel’s performance and although I preferred Happy for Best Oscar song, I’m so happy that she won, because that was also one of my favorites.

I managed to record the Oscar’s and I’m now re-watching the ceremony!!! SO far these are my best moments! tell me what you think!!!

Lupita won the oscar and looked amazing in this light blue dress! Beautiful speech and amazing performance!

Amy Adams looked stunning in this dark blue ensemble! I would only change one thing! Put down the beautiful curls you have!!!!!! I missed them!


Naomi looked amazing in white, very demure but ever so elegant!


Jennifer Gardner looks amazing in this Oscar gown!! So ‘ The Great Gatsby’!

I had mixed feeling with this dress but after seeing it with the 360 degrees camera it really suited her skin tone. It’s the trend for this year’s Oscar’s! Nude dresses with sequin!

I love her! I just love her! She is gorgeous and red looks amazing on her.


Kate Hudson looked beautiful, the decolletage was just stunning. She can pull it of, it would look totally wrong on an actress with bigger ‘boobs’.


Sandra Bullock wore a timeless classic! I loved this dress on her!

Angelina is in tune with the nude trend. I quite like this dress but it’s not my fav!


I love her! I love her look. She looked stunning. Very simple and so glamorous!

Congrats to Jared Leto! I loved his speech and he looked like a Rock STAR!!!


Another sneak peek at the Trend this year at the Oscar’s! The NUDE dress!!

What are your thoughts on this trend??

Any Oscar best dressed recommendations??? Did I miss any stunning look? I was watching the red carpet but I might have missed some people!


P.S I just wished the trilogy for Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy had won for the best adapted screenplay! I love them to bits! Have been watching the films since my high school years and the last one was last year! Best love story ever!

Fashion Talk! Red and Turquoise

13 Feb

Hello dear readers,

How is your week so far?? It’s Thursday and Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Have you decided on what to wear? Even if you don’t have a boyfriend/husband or close friend you can still go out and have a good time, after all it’s still a friday!!!! Depending on the weather I have 3 potential dresses I might wear and I’m definitely going to wear my new high heel booties I got recently! Instead of doing an all red or red and black outfit for Valentine’s, I did a really nice combination. Red and Turquoise, these colors have a special flare and are very good together. They aim for fresh and hot and the balance is very good. What do you think? Have you decided on an outfit? What are your plans? Are you just going out? or staying in and watch New Girl on netflix?? Tell me all about it!

Red and Turquoise

Oasis zipper dress
€39 -

Paul Andrew high heel shoes
€655 -

Red handbag
€31 -

XNY water resistant watch
€40 -

Ippolita earrings
€1.095 -

Abalone jewelry
€12 -

Bijoux de Famille hair accessory
€220 -

Nanni belt
€120 -

Viva La Diva toiletry kit
€5,96 -



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