Autumn is coming! NEW FALL STYLES


Hello dear readers!

Autumn is coming ( if you watch Game of Thrones you are probably smiling now – if not, take a look at the memes on 9Gag – Look for “Winter if coming”).
The Autumnal Equinox or Fall Equinox, if you will, falls on the 23rd of September (my friend Rui’s bbday) on 02:29 UTC ( in case your planning an Equinox party :P).

Anyway, this means: NEW seasonal styles!! Yeah
Curious about all the trends? Check out Vogue’s article on 20 trends for Fall/Winter 2014 here by Jennifer Neyt, Eugénie Trochu and Margaux Krehl, translated by Charlotte Sutherland-Hawes.

I selected a few trends from that article that are following us through the seasons and some new ones that are appearing now for autumn. Enjoy!

Sixties Inspiration (On prints and style pieces)

Structured sixties short dresses with high boots but also light fabric wrap dresses with bold sixty…

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Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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