Happy Birthday to Nonfashionista! 1 year blogging!

Hello dear reader, Today Spring starts and my blog is already one year old! I can’t believe how time flies when your having fun, sharing ideas, tips and just expressing yourself. It’s been a great year and I’ve made wonderful connections with my fellow blogger friends, found out about amazing blogs and websites and found … More Happy Birthday to Nonfashionista! 1 year blogging!

No Glasses week!

Hello readers, As you might know from previous posts and all – I wear glasses, as almost any designer I know does (could it be a professional hazard? lol). I have been in Lisbon for a couple of days and I headed back to UK this sunday only to realize at the airport that I … More No Glasses week!

Fashion Hiatus!

Hello dear readers, Sorry for the hiatus! I’ve moved back to the UK yet again and the weather has been ‘bloody miserable’! I wished at least for a cold partly sunny welcome but no..it had to be pouring rain, cold and drizzle.. ‘Oh how I miss thee lovely Lisbon’ – just joking, it’s great to … More Fashion Hiatus!

Fashion Talk!

Hello dear readers, I’m just doing this post to thank Rhiannen at redriotclothing for making a whole post dedicated to my blog! It’s support like this from my fellow bloggers, followers and friends that keeps me going. Who would have thought that a girl like me would have something to say about fashion? Well I … More Fashion Talk!