Fashion Talk! 5 Essential shoes!!

Hello dear readers,

I’m sure you all have in your closet a couple of favorite shoes. The ones that are absolutely essential and that you can wear in any situation. Today this post is about them. The top 5 essential shoes you must have in your closet! They are the classical choices of course. You can then have them in different colours and styles but these are the basic ones.

1. The classic Black Pump!
This type of shoe is a classic for a reason. It’s always elegant, you can wear it with a high or medium size heel. It’s a shoe to match every occasion and looks good with dresses, blazers, trousers.

Classic Black Pump

2. The white/grey sneaker
This a a typical casual shoe that you can wear during mid season and summer time. It looks good with everything really. It gives you that grunge vibe and can be wore with a lot of things. Even a dress. Really 🙂 If you work out you can include your favorite work out tennis shoe here.

White Sneaker

3. The ballerinas/flat shoes
This is a practical shoe that can also be quite elegant. You can wear it in different colours to match different occasions. You can wear it all year around.

Ballerina Flats

4. The flat sandal
Flat sandals are a must for summer. They are easy to dress up or down and come in different styles and colours.

Flat Sandals!!

5. The ankle boot
Ankle booties are very smart and elegant. The first colours to invest in are black and brown. Then you can go for burgundy, grey and dark blue.

Ankle Boots

Do you have a favorite essential shoe? Do you think the list is missing something? Let me know!!



Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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