Fashion Talk! Granny Grey Hair Trend

Hello dear readers,

I am sure you are familiar with this hair trend. I remember when Kelly Osbourne started dying her hair grey as well and since then girls everywhere started doing it. I don’t know if she was the first one but you keep seeing these beautiful photos of girls with grey hair. Grey hair was usually something you used as a granny right? It suits them as they lose their natural hair colour. Now, girls are dying it as a fashion trend. I think it look rather cool and can be very fairytale like. I immediately remember Elsa from Frozen.

What do you think of this new girl? Are you a Yes or a No?


gray-granny-hair-trend-22__605 gray-granny-hair-trend-41__605 gray-granny-hair-trend-51__605 gray-granny-hair-trend-71__605 gray-granny-hair-trend-101__605 gray-granny-hair-trend-111__605 gray-granny-hair-trend-121__605 gray-granny-hair-trend-141__605 gray-granny-hair-trend-151__605 gray-granny-hair-trend-181__605


8 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Granny Grey Hair Trend

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