Fashion Talk! Winter 2015 Hairstyles!

Hello dear readers,

I have recently reposted a post on hairstyles. It included ways for you to update your look without changing a whole lot of it. Just in case you wanted to revamp or refashion your locks for winter time!!! I have put together a comprehensive list of the “MUST Do DOS” for Hairstyles this Winter of 2015.

Let’s stay updated girls!! Do you have a favourite??


#1 – The Side Swept Hair

The side swept is a cool way to refresh your look! You can go bold and really make a statement with it or you can go a little milder and keep with your original cut lines!

#2 – Wet Hair

This trend was all the range in the 90’s remember?? All the cool hip kids were doing it!! Beware not to overdue it or it might look crunchy and dry!! You want it to look classy and sleek!!

#3 – Ponytails

Ponytails are not new but are very trendy right now!! You can wear them in just about any situation!! In a sleek up do or in a classical wavy look!

#4- Braids

Braids have been trending for a while now and they are a personal favourite of mine as I really like that classical glamour look they can add to any hairstyle.

#5 – Knots and Buns

The Top knot was all the range when I was living in the UK and it seems I was the only one not mastering it properly!! Anyway I did and it looked great!! Buns are a very cool way to do something to your hair when its being stubborn or just plain flat!!

#6 – French Braid

French braids are like fancy braids! I could never really master the Art of it! Although my husband got really close to making me a lovely one!!

#7- Straight

Straight is all the range now. Like it was before but with a twist! You can wear your hair wavy and natural during day time (for example) and at night you can go for a sleek straight approach!

#8- Color

I usually add some highlights during winter time to brighten my look!! Do you do the same? You can go with more bold colours and go FULL out!!

#9 – Bangs 

Bangs are trending right now and you can do a side swept one, you can do a full fringe or even little musing of bangs!!! The choice is yours!!

#10 – Accessories

Accessories are a fun way to play with your “hair”! You can add a pin, a flower, a headband, anything really!!

#11 – The Bobs

There are very different types of bobs!! You can even “fake” one!!! The hit bob right one is a little above your shoulder blades!!!! Which one are you trying?

#12 – Wavy and Curly

I have been so happy that wavy and curly hair has been on trend for quite sometime now. My hair is wavy and it tends to curl when I take proper care of it!! So this is a must do trend for me. The secret is hydration!





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