Fashion Talk! The sixties!

Hello dear readers,

I found these photos on a blog I usually follow, Lost at E Minor, and I thought it would be a good idea to share them with all of you. These are high school photos taken in the sixties, 1969 to be more precise, in the USA. These photos from Retronaut were taken from the LIFE archives and were shot by Arthur Schatz.

The fashion in that decade has always fascinated me and influences from the sixties are still present in fashion nowadays. It’s very cool to see these pictures and remember all these trends in fashion. Of course, it helps, that the people in them are very photogenic, young and beautiful 🙂

Do you love sixties fashion like I do?? Do you have a favourite trend?? I love bell bottom jeans and I really like the short dresses with the tights. Well I like everything really, but in moderation hehehe!











Here is a little tune to set the mood, Bryan Adams song: Summer of 69. Did you know that Bryan spent the Summer of 69 in Portugal? Beat u didn’t but he did!!!!



Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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