Fashion Talk! New Year’s Eve 2014 Looks

Hello dear readers,

This post might be a bit late for those of you who needed some help or inspiration regarding the look you could “potentially” be wearing on Christmas Eve! Last year I was in Romania, more specifically in Transylvania, with some very dear friend’s of mine and we spent a couple of days in a family owned hotel surrounded by a beautiful mystic forrest in a very very cold landscape. We had good Romanian food, wine, nice conversations and of course music and friends!! I just wished I wasn’t having a cold “sniffles” – true story. You can check my Romanian New Year’s Eve post and photos here.

This year I would be in Lisbon at a close friend’s house. It would be just 7 of us, mostly couples and there will be conversations and good food and wine and of course: boardgames!!! Me and my friend’s really enjoy this board game called Party and my friend Filipa just got a new edition of this game, guaranteed to be even harder. We also got a new board game for christmas, a gift from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law which is Qwirkle. It’s kinda like domino but with shapes and colours, very cool game.
Since it would be a “dinner” with friends sort of night I won’t be bringing a party dress/prom dress. I got a dress in Belgium from Lola&Liza that might fit the occasion. I found it online here but the photo does not do it justice, it has a lovely wear and it’s very pretty. I’ll through in a cute marron cosy poncho on top of that, put some black pumps and cream tights and I’m ready to party.

In the meanwhile here are some suggestions for the party girl in you!

New Year's Even



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