Fashion Talk! Fashion Lessons from Women over 60

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I have had this post as a draft for more than a month, hoping that I could find time to commit to it fully. I red this very interesting article by Amirah Mercer  who talks about these six women over 60 and their inspiring fashion lessons. It is a take on how beauty and fashion can be timeless and acquired in a very unique way. It shows that you should be comfortable in wearing what you like and what inspires you the most in order to feel “you”. The photos are from the very talented Ari Seth Cohen who photographer who “runs” Advanced Style, a street style blog that narrows its lens on New York’s “most creative and stylish older folks.” You can find the full article here.


Image Credit: Ari Seth Cohen

1. Ilona Royce Smithkin, 93

“Speaking of fashion, now anything goes. When I grew up, we had certain styles and certain things were elegant and certain things were tacky. However, now I look around, I sometimes stand on a street, and I see people pass by with the most incongruous things — things which I wouldn’t dream to put together. But at this stage, I feel if they have fun and they think it’s gorgeous, it’s their joy! It’s their own thing.”

2. Lynn Dell Cohen, 79

“Money has nothing to do with style.”

3. Debra Rapoport, 67

“My whole philosophy: It’s not about fashion, it’s the attitude that style is healing. [It’s] about personal creativity.”

4. Tiporah Salamon, 62

“Sometimes I build an outfit for years — like seven years, one outfit took. Because until I found the perfect earrings for that outfit, I didn’t wear the outfit. If the painting is not finished, I don’t take it out into the world.”

5. Joyce Carpati, 80

“I never wanted to look young, I wanted to look great.”

6. Zelda Kaplan, 95

“When one becomes older, one learns to accept oneself.”


All Photos are by: Ari Seth Cohen

Original article written by Amirah Mercer and posted on October, 9th, 2014.


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did,





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