Fashion Talk! Art of Layering! Fall to Winter 2014

Hello dear readers,

I get absolutely fascinated by women who can layer their clothes really well and can go from Fall to Winter in a breeze just by adding top coats of beautiful fabrics and outerwear.

I have never been able to fully dominate that art of layering. I’m more of a wool dresses, tights, coat and cute boots. Or cosy sweater, pants, cute boots and coat. I wear blazers in the fall with both dresses and blouses but during winter time I just can’t seem to layer well. It gets progressively hard if you leave the house really early and come back in the evening. If you commute a lot like me and walk everywhere. I also lecture and I’m not one of those teacher’s who sits around at the desk. I like to move around and engage with students, kinda like in the Dead Poet’s society ( not that I am comparing myself to that awesome teacher and asking students to rip off pages and stand at their desks – no no, just more engaging and communicative). So I am either at my desk planning lessons/grading etc or  I am up all day, walking around or lecturing.

First’s things first I need to be comfortable and it needs to last me through morning until evening. Oh i forgot to mention that I carry a backpack everywhere with my mac and my lesson plan ( that adds extra weight) and I walk fast lol.

So you are getting the picture right?

Here are some examples of good layering:


grid_ED_CH_v.55_TRAVEL_LemaireCoat grid_ED_CH_v.55_TRAVEL_WrapedScarf large_ED_CH_v.55_TRAVEL_ProenzaCoat medium_ED_CH_v.55_TRAVEL_WhoolBlanket






P.S. This is not a sponsored post!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! Art of Layering! Fall to Winter 2014

  1. Totally understand where you’re coming from- it’s really hard to dress for a day when you are literally picking an outfit to fit into different occasions during the course of the day it can get pretty difficult!

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