Hairstyles! Best Hair trends for Fall/Winter 2014/15

Hello dear readers,

Whether you are feeling uninspired because the holidays are coming and you might feel the need to eat all the chocolate in the house ( just because it’s xmas and everybody knows it doesn’t count) then procede to just fit into Santa’s pants after New Year and start some sort of cleanse and promise to be good that year. OH well, just Enjoy!

Why not try to lift your spirits with a different hair style or hair colour? It’s therapeutical, I red about it in some magazine, it wasn’t cosmo okay? I think it was some journal ( if you say journal everyone will be like – oh yes, she is wise in the ways of science).

This Fall/Winter we will see three statement trends:

The Lob – A twist or evolution of the classic Bob, or long Bob. Straight hair, slightly below the shoulders in an elegant and sophisticated way.

The statement fringe – Again, whether its a big fringe or a Brigitte Bardot or Audrey Hepburn one. The fringe is kind of a commitment because if you want to keep it that size you need to maintain it every other month.

Baby Lights – If you are tired of highlights and Ombré hair, this could be the way to go. They are very very thin highlights and suited for those of you who just want to bring out some light and movement to the hair in just one tone. They are about illuminating the look and are hardly noticeable.


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