Lifestyle! Christmas routines!

Hello dear readers,

For me it is official, Christmas has begun in my “house” as of yesterday! We have decorated a Christmas tree and on the official day! Mental high five husband and cat !

I believe this only happened when I was living with my parents. I’m usually a bit busy during weekends (for the last couple of years) in december lol !

Now, when I say we decorated a tree and you red and remembered (if you read me regularly, btw you totally should) that I have a cat who is 9 months old, this is a recipe for “disaster”.

Well we also tried to assemble a puzzle in the living room and Luna was so intrigued by all the pieces and how fun it is to dive into them and play. Well, we can’t blame her, I wish I could do that myself as a child, so we stopped with the puzzle and put it away for a while.

Listening to christmas tunes and loving it, we started to decorate the tree with the knowledge that it might not work. And of course, it didn’t, because the big long fluffy decorations are so much fun, and I need to climb the tree all the way up and bite on the “fake pine” (it’s a plastic tree). So I tried putting the red shiny textured balls on the tree, and I thought: maybe if I put them up here she won’t see them. Oh she saw them…. : and I had to take them off. But it’s okay!! I didn’t mind at all, she is the sweetest cat ever and this is our first christmas with a pet. So I decorated the tv cabinet with my xmas knick·knack’s.

This is a picture of our Christmas tree and how it looks like now:


We are going to call it: We have a cat “tree”!!!

This is how it looked last year (BC – Before cat):


The first sunday of the december month is when we put out the christmas tree and start to decorate the house, although around the city lots of stores have decorations up since before my birthday. For those of you who remember it, it is on the 27th of November. I have seen decorations up since late october lol. Whatever floats your boat I guess. But this month it really feels like Christmas to me because of the type of weather, dry, a bit sunny, cold but with the window humidity in the morning you know? That is christmas weather for who lives in Lisbon. Because we don’t have snow here. Temperatures drop until like 6/8 ºC at night but during the day they stay around 14/16 ºC.

Happy holidays everyone,

Here are some of the kick-kack’s I have around the house,

20141208_092542 copy 20141208_092554 copy 20141208_092605 copy




2 thoughts on “Lifestyle! Christmas routines!

    1. hihihhi 🙂 I’m glad you are laughing your ass off 😛 I missed having a cat. She is so adorable, I just can’t be mad at her lol 🙂 I haven’t received anything yet hon, when did u send the letter? hugs xoxo

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