I hope I’m back for good this time!

Hello dear readers,

Again, sorry for the long hiatus. I thought that I would have been in the “mood” to post between today and the last time I posted which was back in October. Ouch…long time with no blogging. I’d like to thank all my followers that still come and “hang with me” and like my posts, because followers count kept increasing and not decreasing which is amazing!!! Thank you for that and that is specially touching since I haven’t been blogging as often as before. I remember the days when I could post 2 times a week…

I have been busy, that’s the excuse of course. Part time lecturing at the University, teaching and preparing three different undergraduate courses to Graphic Design students, correcting papers and assignments, while doing design management work for an online app company and on top of that my PhD which is almost almost submitted. Fingers crossed XX.

Christmas break is almost here and I so need it to take my mind of lecturing and evaluations and assignments and corrections. I will be traveling before Xmas to visit my family in Belgium and I just can’t wait to take pictures of the Brussels christmas markets and share them with you all,

In the meanwhile here are some Xmas decorations to keep you in the spirit of the holidays,

Happy christmas everyone,

For those of you who don’t celebrate xmas I’d like to wish you a happy season still, and that the new year will bring you joy, health and prosperity,


Sara G.
aka nonfashionista


Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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