Fashion Talk! One Night Abroad!

Hello dear readers,

It’s fashion challenge DAY!!!!

I was contacted by Smartling to do a fashion challenge!! YEAH!!

Smartling is an online translation software company and they have an interest in languages, traveling, fashion, and culture. Their product offers a whole new take on language translation services through a cloud-based translation software platform.
They proposed a project called One Night Abroad in which I could pick anywhere in the world to go for a night out!!
I had several cities in mind but this one is close to my heart as I’ve always wanted to go there and I’ve never even been to the country (Italy). I am talking about Florence the capital city of the Italian region Tuscany.


The city has a famous history as the center of Medieval European trade, finance and its the birthplace of the Renaissance. I have studied Art History, coming from an Arts background, and It would be amazing to go to museums and see the architectural heritage of the city.

Source: “Sanzio 01” by Raphael – Stitched together from Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –

I don’t speak Italian but I find it easy to understand what Italians say, being Portuguese ( Latin roots I guess). I have some Italian friends and i can naturally understand most of what they are talking about. I can’t speak or write it thought :/ .

I speak English when I go abroad because, other than my mother tongue (Portuguese), it is the one i am more fluent in. But also because in most places people also learn and speak English. I also learned french and I can read it, speak it okay but I don’t really remember how to write it much. I learned it for three years and I haven’t been practicing. Spanish I can understand and try to speak what they call “Portunhol” ( a mix between both) but I never formally learned it.

Anyway, I would go to Florence and I would definitely go for a walking tour of the city, trying to see the famous monuments like the domed cathedral of the city, Santa Maria del Fior, and the beautiful square in the city center called Piazza della Signoria – The Lady square ( aren’t Italian’s charmers?). I would go see the museums such as: Uffizi Gallery and the Palazzo Pitti.

Domed cathedral – Santa Maria del Fior

The Neptune Statue at the Piazza della Signora

I put together an outfit for day walking and discovering the city:


Day Outfit Florence

And another one for a romantic dinner with my lovely husband:


Night Outfit: Florence

I would definitely try the pastas and I’d love to try some Italian antipasti (which means –  before the meal and they are like appetizers). I am a big fan of ravioli and I love Italian food in general. I never had it in Italy thought. It must be even better!!! For lunch I would have something light, like a salad or a fresh seafood dish. I’ll really enjoy trying the local cuisine and tasting new dishes as I’m a bit of a foodie. For dinner, after all that walking around  seeing all that art, beautiful scenarios and architecture,  I would like to have a full course Italian meal, served with a delicious Tuscany Chianti.

What you do in Florence if you had only one night there? Suggestions? Comments? 🙂




Smartling proposed this post as a challenge to my blog. I wasn’t paid to mention their software or review it. The  One Night Abroad challenge is part of the fashion challenge series I have been doing for a while.

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    1. Thank you darling!! I know I haven’t been posting much lately but it’s so wonderful to still have comments and people who are appreciative of what you wrote and “fashioned” :)**

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