Cooking! Cataplana Recipe!

Hello dear readers,

One of my dear followers Wawahals from the blog PrettySwan has asked me for the Cataplana recipe after seeing a photo on Instagram! I have never done this dish before but I help my mom a lot and seen it be done loads of time. It’s a summer dish and very popular in the Coast and South of Portugal. It is named after the recipient it uses to cook, the Cataplana, a traditional cask iron closed pan.
Here is the recipe! Enjoy!



400g of Grouper(fish)
500g of clams
16 Shrimps 40/60
6 Surimi (optional)
4 tomatoes ( sliced)
2 white wine glasses
2 onions (sliced thin)
2 cloves of garlic
1 bailey leaf
1 spoon of tomato pulp
1 pinch of coriander
1 red/green pepper
1 chilli pepper (no seeds)
Olive oil

On a Cataplana put some olive oil, garlic and onion to simmer. Add the fish and shrimp ( cut and clean). Add the tomatoes, the chilli and bailey leaf on top of the fish and seafood (shrimps). Let is rest for a bit and add the wine to cover the Cataplana contents. Add the corianders on top, layer some shrimps as well, add the surimi and the pepper. Season with salt and pepper and close the Cataplana. Let it cook for about one hour in medium heat. Open the Cataplana, taste it and season it again if needed. Serve it with boiled potatoes! Enjoy!




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