Fashion Challenge: Resort Looks

Hello dear readers,

I was proposed a challenge by Kendra Thornton at She emailed me wanting me to participate in new project on fashion related to travel. She calls it ‘Kendra’s Night Out’ Challenge”!
She is traveling to Miami, Florida in a few weeks with her husband and she needed some “trendy suggestions”. I made her some style boards for day to night looks and also swimwear.

Her description:

“For the summer, I wanted to go somewhere beautiful and scenic with my husband. There’s no better place Miami south beach. There are so many things to do in this city whether you love the beach or just want to check out all of the amazing chefs with restaurants of every genre and cuisine. I’m also excited because we found an incredible Miami hotel. It’s called the Biltmore Estate, and it’s one of the oldest historic sites in Miami. Since we’re going to Miami, the beaches are going to be just one part of our trip. I plan to spend a lot of time relaxing with my husband. We have even booked a couples massage at the spa at the Biltmore. It would be great to have a swimwear look that is posh but a little bit casual. We plan to go outside of the hotel and spend a few days exploring the big city as well. If you have any ideas on what to wear around museums, beaches, cafes and the fashion districts, I would be so grateful! It would be amazing to me if you could help with some fashion finds so that I know what to wear on this trip. Being a mom has taken its toll on my fashion sense, and sometimes I think I am stuck in sweats. I definitely want to change it up for this trip and know that you can help me out in the field.”

More information on her resort hotel here:–hotels

My style choices:

Day & Night 2

Day & Night

And swimwear:

Bikini and Swimsuit

Swim wear
€450 –

Swim wear
€450 –

Bikini swimwear


Here are some fashion resort inspired images from Pinterest!
















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