Lifestyle! Summer skin tips!

Hello dear readers,

Today we are installing air conditioner! We have a really hot summer coming and it’s expected to be the warmest summer ever!!! We had the warmest May and now July will be hot hot! So I decided to do another skin post! As the hot weather is here and we need take some tips in order to enjoy the sun at it’s best!!


1) Exfoliate! By removing dead skin, pollution and debris from your skin you are preventing congestion of your pores! You should keep up your routine and don’t forget your toner! It’s best to exfoliate in the morning if you can, then apply your toner and then moisturizer, and sun-screen protection if your make up doesn’t include it!

2) Hydrate! It’s very important as the temperature is rising and your skin and overall body needs more water! So keep hydrated with water or fresh natural drinks. You can use a toner spritz to add more moisture to your skin for a fresh summer feeling.

3) Sunscreen! Don’t forget the sunscreen, specially if you are out at the warmest hours of the day. You can get a sunburn even if your just walking outside! There are lots of formulas that are special for your skin and body. Be sure to pick the right SPF for your skin type and sun exposure.

4) Chose a hydrating summer lotion! This will help you keep your skin hydrated and smelling amazing! Lemon, coconut or tropical fruits are amazing and smell heavenly!

5) Don’t forget your feet! Take extra care of your feet now that you are wearing more sandals and open toe shoes! Go for a pedicure or exfoliate and hydrate at home. Go for a bold nail polish that feels summery!

shutterstock_141061453 flip flops

Get lots of vitamin D from the sun but don’t overdue it! Don’t over expose your skin or you’ll need a soothing cream in case you get too red!!! Use sunglasses and a hat or a scarf to protect you from the heat and sun.





3 thoughts on “Lifestyle! Summer skin tips!

  1. Had a sunscreen incident recently, you know when you sit in one position for hours, thinking the sun tans the body evenly having sunscreen on, only to see a slight redness developing on one side 😛

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