Lifestyle! Amazing Summer skin FOODS

Hello dear readers,

Are you enjoying the summer? Do you know the best foods to keep your skin happy and glowing? Here are some power foods that will make your skin healthier for the summer time!

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1. Cucumber – A classic right? And for a reason! Cucumbers are 96% water which is crucial for good skin but they also have silica which helps nourish your skin.

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2. Tomatoes – Did you know that tomatoes are like nature’s SPF? They have lycopene which protects you against UV damage.

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3. Papaya – Is a highly used ingredient for diets right? This amazing fruit is rich in vitamin C ( like strawberries) which makes your skin less wrinkly.

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4. Kale – Also a diet veggie! These vegetables that are rich in carotenoids give your skin a healthy glow and an attractive sun tan!

plateau de fruits de mer
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5. Shellfish – An all time favorite of mine – Clams, oysters, mussels, lobster, and crab are rich in zinc and that keeps the skin looking good and elastic.

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6. Dark chocolate – Cocoa is a natural skin moisturizer and makes it firmer and supple. It’s a potent anti-oxidant and has high level of flavonols.

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7. Blueberries – Are the number one in antioxidant activity compared to other fruits and veggies! They protect you against premature aging.

Any other foods that you know are good for your skin? Let us know!




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