Hairstyles! Summer 2014

Hello dear readers,

Are you excited about Summer? With that in mind I selected a few hairstyles that are quite trendy to wear during the Summer time. They are fashionable, elegant and easy to do! Do you have a favorite?

The side Twist

This one is a favorite of mine. I wear it all the time and its timeless. After washing your hair just separate a section of your hair and roll it. You can pin it with a lovely accessory.

The High Ponytail

This 60’s inspired look is very classy, specially for a night out. Use some volume spray after washing and drying your hair, you can comb it back and sea it with hairspray.

Straight Bangs

Bangs or a fringe is perfect for that summer look! If you want a change why not try it out during the summer time?


Side swipe
This is a romantic look and looks even better with an elegant accessory, you can try on a big flower for example. Perfect for that resort look.


Hairband with sleek hair

Perfect for when your hair is stubborn. You can wash and dry your hair and apply texturizing spray or hair gel and comb it back. Accessorize with a hairband and your done.


Shoulder length bob

This is a practical look for the Summer and very stylish as well!


The fishtail braid

A classic for a bohemian beach look! There are loads of tutorials on YouTube and if you make it messy that is even more trendy.

The beach braids

Beach waves are a classic for the summer and if you add small braids, you are in hairstyle heaven!


Which one is your favorite?
How are you going to wear your hair for the Summer time?




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