Lifestyle! Seville

Hello dear readers,

Last week me and my husband went to Seville for our anniversary and it was amazing. The weather was hot and sunny with an amazing breeze. Seville is a beautiful city, filled with color and the atmosphere is magical. We had wonderful food, tapas and breakfast was always very yummy. The beer was very cold and it tasted even better than at home. Here are some pictures. Maybe you’d like to visit too.

IMG_2864 copy

IMG_2921 copy

IMG_2945 copy
Great Tapas place at Ovejas Negras

IMG_2953 copy
Desserts came in little jars, how cute

IMG_2966 copy
Care for a taste of my caramel delight?

IMG_2972 copy
Isn’t Seville lovely at night?

IMG_2977 copy
Incredible light

IMG_2981 copy

IMG_3003 copy

IMG_3004 copy

IMG_3037 copy
Breakfast was wonderful with tostadas and café con leche

IMG_3053 copy

IMG_3070 copy

IMG_3122 copy

IMG_3202 copy
Plaza de Espana

IMG_3208 copy

IMG_3216 copy

IMG_3243 copy

IMG_3303 copy
San Telmo Tapas place

Me and my new earrings

IMG_3379 copy
Another lovely breakfast in a more traditional place

IMG_3423 copy
Last tapas place we went to – yummy


9 thoughts on “Lifestyle! Seville

  1. Tu já sabes o quanto eu amo esta cidade, tanto que quase te obriguei a ir.. Ainda bem que gostaste eu fui lá em Maio mas já morro de saudades, vou apontar algumas casinhas de tapas que foste e eu não, para a próxima ir 🙂 beijos

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