Fashion Talk! What to wear_Festival edition!

Hello dear readers,

I have been waiting for this Summer Festival for some months now. I’m going to Rock in Rio Lisbon with my BFF and we are very excited. The weather has improved much but the concert we want to see is the last one for that night so, I had no idea what to wear. I’ve decided on a few things, depending if it is as warm as they say it will be.

In the meanwhile I’ve looked through some photos for Coachella and other Summer festivals for you to check out for inspiration, because Summer festivals are here and they ROCK!

Also some tips:

– Wear sunscreen if you are going early and are exposed to the sun for long,
– Hydrate, specially if it’s sunny. Remember that if you drink you tend to dehydrate, so lots of water,
– Wear comfortable shoes, tennis shoes are a great alternative: like all stars, or comfy sandals,
– Bring a hat if you can, remember something stylish like a fedora or a cool cap,
– Sunglasses,
– A small backpack with a scarf ( if it’s too dusty) or t-shirt in case it gets too cold or too hot,

I’m going with a similar style as Alexa Chung on this picture but I’m wearing jeans because they’ll feel more comfortable.








Festival Wear 5

Festival wear 7



Any suggestions for the festival goers?

Have fun this Sunday and Happy Children’s DAY!



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