Fashion Fads of the past! The Crop Top

Hello dear readers,

Remember the crop top? How is was all the range in the 90’s? Even I had tops like these and I had a black one my mom wouldn’t allow me to wear to school, even though it was harmless. Who doesn’t have an image of Gwen Stefani wearing crop tops while she was still in No Doubt ( and later on)?


Here are some tips to always rock the Crop Top with style!

The Cutouts

When your playing with cutouts you need to remember that if you are revealing a part of your body on top you should try and cover the bottom part.Try a cutout crop top with a fitted pencil skirt or some elegant trousers.


The Stripes

Nautical stripes or otherwise are rocking the runway and we seen them it matching outfits.


White Crop Tops

A twist on the classic white t-shirt is the white crop top.You can dress it down or up with a blazer, skirt or fab shoes!

White crop tops

Leather Crop Tops
The leather crop top is a classic in this 90’s revival. Try them with high waisted shorts or some fun colored pants.

Leather Crop Top

Graphic Crop Tops

Graphic prints on crop top t-shirts are a must. Go for some nice “saying” or an interesting graphic. You can match these with jeans or elegant black pants.

Graphic crop tops

Do you have a favorite??




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