Fashion Talk! Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn & Mother’s Day!

Hello dear readers,

Today is Sunday and Mother’s Day here in Portugal. It is also by coincidence (since mother’s day here is flexible, being on the first Sunday of may) Audrey Hepburn‘s birthday ( Google let me know – Thanks Google) :

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Audrey, Happy Birthday to you.

Two fabulous quotes by the beautiful and talented Audrey:




A previous post I did about her here.

I have been away from home for the last four mother’s day, studying my PhD abroad has, of course it’s perks, but you miss some time with your family and friends. So I went and got her a beautiful necklace from Pedra Dura ( Hard Stone – if you loose translate), which has beautiful accessories. My mom has a timeless very simple style. She prefers small but refined pieces. Since I was there in the store I also got something for my mother-in-law, she has a different style – more modern with elegance.

I couldn’t find the necklaces I got both of them online so I’ll just post here some of my favorites from their website.

Pedra Dura

Pedra Dura

Pedra Dura

Pedra Dura

All photos taken from the Pedra Dura website. This is not a sponsored post. You can check their website and products here.

Have an amazing Sunday,




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