Fashion Trend! Nike Pro Magical Kaleidoscope Tights!

Hello dear readers,

Are you having a wonderful week? I know I am happy because of my daily sidewalk walks. I started walking 5 kms everyday. First I was running but the track has too much sand and I need to replace my trainers as they are giving me sores. I feel I have more energy and It’s great. With this lovely weather we are having it’s quite the pleasure. So, Nike joined Japanese independent artist Yuko Kanatani for a colorful collaboration. Nike wanted to experiment with “unique patterns, colors and inspirations” elevating artistic design for athletic performance.
The results are very vibrant and colorful! What is your say about these tights/leggings for exercising? They won’t pass unnoticed, that’s for sure. Check them out below:

Yuko Kanatani sketch for the Tights / leggings



More detailed information at Nike’s website.

This is not a sponsored Post. This is a product I think it’s very interesting and I wanted to talk about it on my blog. I don’t own any of the photos posted here. All rights reserved to Nike and Yuko Kanatani.


Share your thoughts! xoxo Non

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