Cooking! Easter cupcakes and sweets!

Hello dear readers,

Are you getting ready for Easter? Stocking up on chocolate eggs? Getting your recipes ready to cook for this Sunday? I spend Easter at my parents house and we usually have family over. My mum cooks a lot of yummy food ( too much food really – we are very much ‘Mediterranean’ in that sense). I’m going to her house on Saturday to give her a hand with the preparations. From what she told me she is making six desserts and thinks that “is not too much for 6 people”. Oh well, I just know I’m going to have to have to take “leftovers” home with me :P.
She has also been making some cupcakes to offer people that she visited this week. They look very nice so I’m going to share the pictures with you. Let me know if you guys want the recipes, I can ask my mum – No I have not tried them yet.




Bon apetit,




2 thoughts on “Cooking! Easter cupcakes and sweets!

    1. I gave my mom a new silicon pastry utensil and a new thingy for it and she can make those lovely designs. She also got marzipan and molded the hearts and shapes 🙂 I’ll let her know you approve***

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