Fashion Talk! Oscar Best Dressed!!!!

Hello dear readers,

Yesterday was Oscar night! For my amazing readers in the USA it was Oscar evening. Here it started at around 1h20 am !!! Crazy right?? I was very committed to watch everything this year! I never seem to make it! Then someone scheduled a meeting for the next morning at around 9h30 am.. since it was a very important one ( for my PhD) I eventually went to bed at 3h20.. After I saw the best supporting actress award. I wished I’d stay up.. really.. Ellen Degeneres totally ruled as Oscar host. Ordering the pizzas and taking all the selfies with all the stars! So amazing! I love her.
What are your thoughts on the Oscar’s?
For me, the best moment’s were with Pharrel Williams, when he sang ‘Happy’ one of my favorite songs. He danced with Meryl Streep and the Oscar winner Lupita!!! SO great!!!!
Also the hilarious bids with Ellen and selfies and tweets!!!!! SO lovely! And the pizza! OMG! I loved the performance of P!nk reminiscing of the Wizard of Oz. The ‘in memorium’ bit was very moving as well. I loved Idina Menzel’s performance and although I preferred Happy for Best Oscar song, I’m so happy that she won, because that was also one of my favorites.

I managed to record the Oscar’s and I’m now re-watching the ceremony!!! SO far these are my best moments! tell me what you think!!!

Lupita won the oscar and looked amazing in this light blue dress! Beautiful speech and amazing performance!

Amy Adams looked stunning in this dark blue ensemble! I would only change one thing! Put down the beautiful curls you have!!!!!! I missed them!


Naomi looked amazing in white, very demure but ever so elegant!


Jennifer Gardner looks amazing in this Oscar gown!! So ‘ The Great Gatsby’!

I had mixed feeling with this dress but after seeing it with the 360 degrees camera it really suited her skin tone. It’s the trend for this year’s Oscar’s! Nude dresses with sequin!

I love her! I just love her! She is gorgeous and red looks amazing on her.


Kate Hudson looked beautiful, the decolletage was just stunning. She can pull it of, it would look totally wrong on an actress with bigger ‘boobs’.


Sandra Bullock wore a timeless classic! I loved this dress on her!

Angelina is in tune with the nude trend. I quite like this dress but it’s not my fav!


I love her! I love her look. She looked stunning. Very simple and so glamorous!

Congrats to Jared Leto! I loved his speech and he looked like a Rock STAR!!!


Another sneak peek at the Trend this year at the Oscar’s! The NUDE dress!!

What are your thoughts on this trend??

Any Oscar best dressed recommendations??? Did I miss any stunning look? I was watching the red carpet but I might have missed some people!


P.S I just wished the trilogy for Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy had won for the best adapted screenplay! I love them to bits! Have been watching the films since my high school years and the last one was last year! Best love story ever!


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