Fashion Talk! Red and Turquoise

Hello dear readers,

How is your week so far?? It’s Thursday and Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Have you decided on what to wear? Even if you don’t have a boyfriend/husband or close friend you can still go out and have a good time, after all it’s still a friday!!!! Depending on the weather I have 3 potential dresses I might wear and I’m definitely going to wear my new high heel booties I got recently! Instead of doing an all red or red and black outfit for Valentine’s, I did a really nice combination. Red and Turquoise, these colors have a special flare and are very good together. They aim for fresh and hot and the balance is very good. What do you think? Have you decided on an outfit? What are your plans? Are you just going out? or staying in and watch New Girl on netflix?? Tell me all about it!

Red and Turquoise

Oasis zipper dress
€39 –

Annarita N short sleeve blazer
€72 –

Paul Andrew high heel shoes
€655 –

Red handbag
€31 –

XNY water resistant watch
€40 –

Ippolita earrings
€1.095 –

Abalone jewelry
€12 –

Bijoux de Famille hair accessory
€220 –

Nanni belt
€120 –

Viva La Diva toiletry kit
€5,96 –




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