Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Hello dear readers,

This is Valentine’s Day week, in case you haven’t noticed yet. When I was dating my husband, back in the day lol, we used to exchange gifts and I never knew what to get him. It was hard to shop for a man, specially if he is low maintenance. I couldn’t be always getting him a perfume or a pen. Now that we are married for a while, and I think even before that when we were engaged we stopped with the gift exchange. We decided we sometimes ended up with stuff we didn’t need, like stuffed animals and chocolates 😛 lol. We now go for a nice restaurant for an amazing meal. That doesn’t mean we don’t give each other gifts. We are more of an spontaneous gift givers!
SO i decided to put together some suggestions for Valentine’s Day ideas, both for him and for her.

Valentine's Day Gifts

River Island top
€8,42 –

Nude bra
€57 –

Vans leather shoes
€44 –

GUESS watch
€85 –

Handcrafted jewelry
€145 –

Swarovski charm bracelet
€59 –

Swarovski jewelry
€70 –


BUILT FOR MAN binary silk scarf
€250 –

Too faced cosmetic
€31 –

Marc Jacobs fragrance
€56 –

Dolce Gabbana gift sets kit
€70 –

Green home decor
€19 –

Beard Pack
€29 –

DO you have any other ideas? Recommendations? Comments??




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