My new Zilian Shoes!

Hello dear readers,

I’ve never been one of those girls who are crazy about shoes and love to collect them and wear high heels and have a closet full of them. I love cute shoes, that is for sure, but I don’t like high heels.. I was never able to wear them for more then 2 hours ( if they are super high). Oh well.. this has all passed. I needed some black or grey medium heel shoes and I’ve been contemplating a portuguese brand named Zilian. I saw their pop up store in Lisbon Chiado and I felt in LOVE with them. So, after X-mas I went there and they had a SALE! I not only got a pair, I got 2 pairs. Some medium heel grey with a silver toe shoe and the most amazing high heel cutest loveliest blue booties 🙂 Yes they are sky high, but I was always able to manage high boots. These are my highest boots everrrrrr. I practice at home, like the very attentive lady told me and I took them to shop at IKEA. That has to be the ultimate test right? I was up for the whole walk around the shop.. of course I took my butterfly twists with me but I managed to wear them and they look soooo damn cute! What do you think??

Check out Zilian shoes website here.








And for my shoes:


1460019_10152036307095733_1922178841_n copy




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