Romanian New Year!

Hello dear readers,

Better late then never! The most anticipated post on this blog ever!!!! a Romanian New YEAR!!!
For New Year, me and my husband went to Romania to visit my lovely friend. We stayed in Bucharest, visited Brasov and other cities around and went to the Hungarian county up in the mountains and stayed at the Mokus Pension, which means squirrel 🙂
Here are the amazing pictures of that ‘road trip’.

Enjoy20131228_195624 copy

20131230_104813 copy

20131230_134723 copy

20131230_163145 copy

20131230_170137 copy

20140101_213312 copy

DSC_0047_resize copy

DSC_0083_resize copy

DSC_0093_resize copy

DSC_0301_resize copy

DSC_0350_resize copy

IMG_1950 copy

IMG_2060 copy

IMG_2211 copy

IMG_2494 copy




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