Giveaway and Belgium Flight Chananigans!

Hello dear readers,

None of you guessed the item in question that I got for the giveaway!!!!! Some of you were 50% right but none of you got it right 100%. Sooooo you can have an idea of what it is made of perhaps? but what is it exactly?? Maybe its related to the blog somehow??? Maybe!!!!

I was in a really bad trip yesterday, now I’m going to complaint lol.. There was a strike from Brussels airlines in the morning and so our flight got cancelled. We were queuing for 4 hours and I’m not exaggerating, we timed it. Just to get a chance to reschedule it. There were only 2 people at the service desk for all the flights that were cancelled that morning. It was very stressful, but I managed to get a transfer from Munich and I got home around 10 pm..but my bags decided to stay in Brussels or wherever they are.. Inside my bag there is your gift.. so I’m not promising anything.. I hope it arrives this week. If it doesn’t, I’ll get you something from Portugal instead.. it won’t be so glamorous but it will be a gift anyhow!


I’m home, and that’s what counts!




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