Review! L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise: Eversleek

Hello dear readers,

Since I’m in Portugal for the time being I don’t have access to all those amazing UK brands. I’m usually up for trying the saloon brands they sell at Boots and I love to experiment with the products. Here in Portugal the offer is a bit limited. So I was happy to find the L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise: Eversleek shampoo and conditioner. I was keen to try a new product for the ‘autumn’. It’s a sulphate free product, which I find very nice and it says it’s perfect for freeze and dry hair, which I also have.
SO i got it and tried it 2 times already and I have to say It matches to the expectations!!! Both times I blow-dried my hair and you know that my hair gets super freezy when I do that. This time is didn’t. The hair was smooth and almost no fly aways and I haven’t used any other product, not even a serum.


Here are some photos of the results! Also, no makeup on 😛





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