Lifestyle! Rural tourism in Mafra, Lisbon!

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Early this month I spent the weekend with some friends at a rural village near Lisbon. The people who own the village bought all the houses in an old rural population and restored them for tourism houses. Some of them are inhabited and some families live there. All together there are 16 houses who where restored using old building methods and preserving the look of the house to the most. I really enjoyed my time there with my friends and we took a hiking trip with a big group, also visited the Tapada de Mafra and the Mafra National Palace.

20131101_215905_LLS copy

Aldeia Pequena at night!






Aldeia Pequena

Hiking Trip




Tapada de Mafra tour: deers, boars, birds: owls, eagles and hawks.
The Tapada Nacional de Mafra was created in Mafra, Portugal, during the reign of king João V, following the building of the Mafra National Palace, as a park for royal and court recreation.
Covering over 8 square kilometres, the park holds different species of deer, wild boar, foxes, birds of prey and many others coexisting in an unusually rich and diversified natural habitat. A favourite of the Portuguese monarchy for hunting and other leisure pursuits, the Tapada de Mafra took on a noble connotation that has done much to aid its preservation and continuity.
Its natural heritage ensures it is an excellent location for fun environmental awareness and education programmes. The Tapada is also open for walking, mountain biking, horse riding, archery and crossbow shooting activities.
Source: wikipedia


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CAM00557 copy

CAM00559 copy
Palácio Nacional de Mafra. The Mafra National Palace is a monumental Baroque and Italianized Neoclassical palace-monastery located in Mafra, Portugal, some 28 kilometres from Lisbon. The palace, which also served as a Franciscan monastery, was built during the reign of King John V (1707–1750), in consequence of a vow made by the king in 1711, who promised to build a convent if his wife, the Queen Mary Anne of Austria, gave him descendants. The birth of his first daughter, the princess Barbara of Braganza, made the king initiate the construction of the palace. It was conveniently located for hunting in the nearby forests, and was usually a secondary residence for the royal family. Source: Wikipedia


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