Lifestyle! Day at the Zoo!

Hello dear readers,

You might remember that last month my little cousin had his birthday at the Zoo! I haven’t been to the zoo in like 14 years or something. I’m not a big fan of the zoo per se because I love to see animals in their natural habitats but the Lisbon Zoo is pretty great and children friendly and they have a petting zoo area. They have invested in bigger areas and some species are together like they are in nature. Kids just love it, everything is included, the dolphins, seals and zoo marine show, the walk around in the tiny train, the lions, the monkeys the bird show, the reptiles. We didn’t have time to see everything because we had a nice room for the party and the kids were all very excited. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

IMG_1200 copy

IMG_1214 copy

IMG_1227 copy

IMG_1229 copy

IMG_1239 copy

IMG_1273 copy

IMG_1278 copy

IMG_1289 copy

IMG_1293 copy

IMG_1327 copy




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