Lifestyle! São Martinho Day!

Hello dear readers,

Today is São Martinho day in Portugal! This day is an autumn celebration to the ‘saint’. Legend says that one day a roman soldier called Martinho was on his way to his home town. The weather was very cold and on the side of the road he found a beggar that was shacking with the cold and he asked Martinho for something for the cold. Martinho then ripped his cloak in two and gave a piece to the beggar. All of a sudden the weather started to get warm, this is believed to have been the reward because of Martinho’s actions. From that day on, on he 11th of November of each year, it will be a warm day.
Truth is, its warm and sunny today and the cold hasn’t settled in just yet! On this particular day we drink wine, a particular type of wine called Jeropiga, a liqueur made from partially-fermented malt or wine. We also have chestnuts, roasted or boiled, any type really. So it’s a celebration with wine and food and good times!

What are you doing on this day? Do you have similar traditions?







Magusto - Dia S. Martinho10.jpg



4 thoughts on “Lifestyle! São Martinho Day!

  1. Yes we have a similar tradition on this day only by us the children are going along the houses asking for sweets with their own homemade lanterns. Love also your tradition from your country and you took very lovely photos 🙂 !

    1. That is very nice. We have a similar one but for the 1st of November, for the ‘dia dos finados’ day of the one’s that passed away. Children go into people houses and ask for: bread for god, and are given a type of sweet bread. 🙂

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