Fashion Talk! The 90’s are back!

Hello dear readers,

The following Polyvore collage meets the trend for next season : The 90’s vibe. As you know, the 90’s wasn’t a particular girly moment in fashion. There was a lot of experimentation and a lot of people trying to find their moment and their persona ( talking about artists).

The 90's are back

Bandeau skater dress, €18 / Legging, €23 / Steve Madden boots, €105 / Topshop shoulder bag, €47 / Acrylic initial necklace, €66 / Chanel lipstick

We are now coming away from the bubble gum, pastel colors and cute animal prints that surrounded us last fall. Gladly, this can all co-exist in peace and harmony, because fashion is about making your own statement and being yourself. We will still find the 60’s and 70’s influences with Twiggy and Andrey Hepburn inspired pieces.



This season is about making the 90’s sexier for women. One of the key pieces for this Fall 2013 is the leather skirt. To soften the edge of the leather skirt, and make it more feminine, you can opt for a wool over sized sweater. Also by adding a white shirt on top of, and combining it with a cardigan. You can also soften the ‘leather look’ by wearing opaque tights.

How to wear a leather pencil skirt

Have fun!



10 thoughts on “Fashion Talk! The 90’s are back!

    1. Plaid is totally in 🙂 I actually like it 🙂 Oh well..I lived in the UK. You should visit Scotland as well..beautiful plaid items.. and beautiful place! Filled with plaid 😛 hhihi

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